A Man that is Still a Boy

I sometimes daydream that I will have a normal life, that I would somehow face my demons with the protective shield of your soft words and comforting smile that I would need on my road to redemption. I give myself to this feeling of being lost, to this anguish imagination of hopeless. I give myself… Continue reading A Man that is Still a Boy

I Am John Brown

Is it an identity crisis some call me a wannabe,Why because I see the significance of Juneteenth?Just because my skin is pale and my eyes are blueI should treat blacks as you do?My Ancestors raped and enslaved the land of the free.Created racism enabling capitalism to breed.Nah they’re no ancestors of mine, I derive from… Continue reading I Am John Brown

Nothing has been done to protect people incarcerated from contracting this deadly virus

All power to the people! Several of my komrades beyond the walls of this razor wire plantation have written asking me why haven’t I wrote nothing about the novel covid19 virus, asking me to report on what the conditions are within these walls and what precautionary steps have been taken to prevent spread of the… Continue reading Nothing has been done to protect people incarcerated from contracting this deadly virus

Nationwide Grievance Campaign to the DOJ & BOP

Revolutionary Greetings, to all resilient, dedicated front-line warriors who sacrifice daily to ameliorate the living conditions for all prisoners held captive within the many Razor-Wire Plantations across the nations. As Minister of Defense for the White Panther Organization it’s my duty to strategize and implement the most effective strategy, which would ensure redress, into my… Continue reading Nationwide Grievance Campaign to the DOJ & BOP

Knockin’ Doors Down to End Solitary Confinement Pt II

“In recent years, a diverse range of international and national bodies, advocates, federal and state policy makers and corrections practitioners have called for prisons and jails to reform their use of segregation, also known as solitary confinement or restrictive housing. Whether citing the potentially devastating psychological and physiological impacts of spending 23 hours a day… Continue reading Knockin’ Doors Down to End Solitary Confinement Pt II

Fighting for Necessities – Part I

Revolutionary Greetings, Before I get to the substance of my reporting I feel it befitting to express my heartfelt appreciation to the oppressed prisoner’s servant, Komrade Malik Washington. The Komrade has an unending, unconditional love for prisoners around the world. Sacrificing is all the Komrade knows. He doesn’t allow the reprisals to dissuade him from… Continue reading Fighting for Necessities – Part I